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Publish your MySQL database
to the web
right now without any programming experience. I guarantee it!"

Instantly create an online database from PHP that let's your users view, sort, search, and edit data!

Find out why THOUSANDS of people, all over
the world (minus a few rocket scientists),
chose my "PHP Generator" to publish their
dynamic MySQL data-driven web pages on the Internet.

NEW FEATURE: PHP Generator HTML Web Templates Feature
Allows you to use Your Favorite Website Templates.

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PHP Page Generator Team

Re: PHP Generator - Finally Released!

Internet Publishers and Programmers,

I simply couldn't believe my eyes! Those were my exact thoughts when I personally tested the newest version of PHP Generator. After months and months of hardcore programming, my programmers came through with flying colors. We finally have a product that is worthy to release to the public.


You can now use your favorite "HTML Web Template" with PHP Generator with the click of a mouse button. You can finally create a complete data-driven website from your favorite template and collect or give others access to your database information on the Internet in minutes.

You can eliminate "costly programming fees" and "countless hours of personal programming" and have a dazzling website while others spend weeks of time and hundreds of dollars. Read below for more information.

Ok, let me back up and give you a little history.

Let me introduce myself. My name is PHP Page Generator Team and I have spent much of my time creating this very valuable time saving product.

PHP Generator was actually the first software product I ever released almost 2 years ago. Since then, I have made many upgrades, which you will read about later.

Two years ago, I had just completed a database-driven website for my friend to display and sell his reports online. After 3 weeks worth of research and development I was finally ready to release the website to the public.

My only problem was that I was worn out programming the same pages over and over again because I did not have PHP Generator software that did the job! (Small detail)

"PHP Page Generator Team, you've done it again.

The new PHP Generator is the best one I've seen online yet. Not only have you made it SIMPLE to put data-driven PHP pages together but you've added the template capability feature. 

With PHP Generator NO ONE has to be up night after night programming or spending hundreds of dollars to create a data driven website!
Mike McNally - Seattle Washington

Here is what I did.

I bought PHP Generator software #1

So I began my search for the PHP Generator software that met my needs. I did what any person would do. I went out and bought the software I saw advertised the most.

Warning: This is not the best method to use. Trust me!

Once I started using the software, I found it took a degree in Rocket Science to figure out how to use it. It wasn't for me. When I asked the manufacturer for help, they simply didn't answer.

Sound familiar?

So my search for PHP Generator software continued. Now I had something to go by, I knew exactly what I needed or so I thought.

I bought PHP Generator software #2

This one was easier to use but it left out a few features I felt were important. Basically, I couldn't customize the software to make the web page work exactly how I wanted it to.

I bought PHP Generator Software, #3, #4 and #5...I bought them ALL!

To make a long story short, I spent about $2400 buying every PHP Generator software I could get my hands on and none of them had all the features that I needed.

None of the software I bought had all the features I needed...
I was forced to create my own PHP Generator software!

It's not a secret what I did. I already had an outline of all the features I wanted in my "dream PHP Generator software". Now all I needed to do was put it all together.

I took my list of the features I wanted to see in PHP Generator software. I kept the good features and then got rid of the bad ones. I was left with the most complete PHP Generator software on the market.

PHP scripts

After months of programming and going back and forth with my programmers I finally released the first version of PHP Generator.

That was 18 months ago, today...

Now releasing PHP Generator

The End Result of Years of
Research and Development

This is the culmination of literally year's worth of research and development. I can't take credit for this software. In fact I had very little to do with the actual research done to create this product. The research was done my customers who have requested features they needed.

If the feature gave my customers what they needed and wanted and it also fit into the big picture of what we are trying to accomplish with PHP Generator, we then went to work to figure out how to add it to the software.

Don't worry about me coming up with a better version down the road.


I have made numerous changes and updates in PHP Generator, each time making it better and better. You see I give LIFETIME FREE UPGRADES to all my customers.

I think it is only fair since you have taken the time and faith to make a purchase with me. I think my customers enjoy the FREE Upgrades too.

Lifetime Upgrades simply means... if I should ever make change or enhancements to PHP Generator in the future, you will receive the newest version for FREE for the rest of you life. I think this is pretty fair deal, and I am sure you will too.

Click Here Now To Start Your Own Data-Driven Website Empire

Not only does PHP Generator have fantastic features...
We have more features than any other PHP Generator software PERIOD!

Here is just a small list of the features you will get when you
purchase PHP Generator in the next 5 minutes.

  • Use Your Own Website Template
    If you have already created or downloaded a template you can use it for your dynamic data-driven pages as well. PHP Generator lets you customize your templates for greater control. No longer do you have to create page after page by hand taking care not to cause problems with the original look and feel of the site. Once you template that holds the basic format of your site is created just use PHP Generator for all your data-driven pages. What a time saver.

  • Easy-To-Use PHP Generator Wizard
    All you have to do is follow a simple Step-by-step PHP Generator Wizard that will guide you each step of the way to creating your data-driven website. Help is never far away.

  • Simple Database Changes
    You just remembered a change database change you need to make after creating a new web page? All you have to do is make your database change select the table from a list and follow the steps in the wizard and you will not have to create everything over from scratch. You can recompile everything in a matter of minutes with the changes you had in mind. It's as simple as that.

PHP Page Generator Team,
I'm so excited because I just got a raise and I owe it all to PHP Generator!

There's only one problem though... I feel a little guilty.

You see I didn't think to tell my boss that I purchased PHP Generator and during the review he kept on saying how much faster and better my work has been.

The PHP Generator is bound to make waves in the marketplace! Just be sure to tell your boss when you buy it.

Eva Roads
New York

  • Step-by-Step Wizard
    It is an easy Step-by-step process to create your dynamic web page. Each step of the way you will be prompted for your next response. Help is never far away to generate a page quickly and with very little effort.
  • Color Selection
    You have the option of predefined colors for your pages or you can define your own from a pallet of over 16 million colors.


"...Everything a website publisher could want in a code generator"

Not only does it contain almost everything an website publisher could want in a compiler, but you have added extras we wouldn't even have dreamed of such as "PHP Column Ordering" and "ADD Data Only Pages." A full-featured powerhouse with an extremely easy to use wizard makes creating dynamic data-driven PHP pages a snap. I definitely would recommend this to anyone, especially beginners creating their first website."

John Almeida

  • Alternating Row Colors
    In many cases your dynamic web page may have rows that are several columns wide. It may make it hard to follow across the same line. Select alternate row colors and it's easy to read.
  • Outstanding Help Tutorial
    With our help file, you have a resource that will answer all your questions regarding the compilation of your dynamic data-driven PHP pages. Have a question? Just click on the help button.
  • Search or Advanced Searching
    You can select from search or advanced searching capabilities. With regular search your user enters any word that they might find in your data and clicks search. Only the rows that contain this word or phrase will appear. PHP Generator also has an advanced search so that you can select the column or columns that you would like to search on.

Dear PHP Page Generator Team,

I commend you on such a fine and easy product to use product. Your PHP generator is a breeze to use. When you advertise easy steps and 3-1/2 minutes you weren't kidding. I have been using two other programs for producing my PHP and they were more time consuming to use. Sir, you have a great product at a great price. I will definitely recommend your product to others.

You did a good job.


PHP Page Generator Team Dannen
Seal Beach California

Did you know you can start creating PHP Pages within the next 5 minutes?
Click Here To get started right now.

  • Here are 18 different features you get in PHP Generator. You are given Totally control of your dynamic data-driven PHP pages. How it looks and how it functions is up to you. You can choose to include or not include any of these options with a simple click of the mouse to create your custom web page.
  1. HTML web Template
  2. Add or Insert
  3. Edit or Update
  4. Delete or Remove
  5. Add only page or data entry page
  6. Sorting
  7. Searching
  8. Advanced Search
  9. Empty Column Checking
  10. Insert Duplicate Data
  11. Direct or ODBC Database Connections
  12. Column Ordering
  13. Paging for Long Data
  14. Connection File Creation
  15. Background and Header Colors
  16. Alternating Row Colors
  17. Column Selection or Inclusion
  18. Column Naming
    Don't be confined to the way we make your site look. You are now in full control with HTML web Templates. Use one of our templates included with PHP Generator, download one from the web or create your own, it is entirely up to you. You place a simple tag that tells PHP generator where to put its code and PHP Generator does the rest. We even give you a built-in browser and editor to view and edit your own code.
  • Add or Insert
    There may be times when you want people to add information to your database. Just click on the Add checkbox and all the coding is completed for you.

  • Edit or Update
    Make your database Editable. With this option your intended audience just clicks edit on the row of their choosing and an edit screen will appear. When they have completed their changes they just click save.

  • Delete or Remove
    If you want someone using your page to be able to delete data simply check the delete checkbox. When we say we give you complete control that is what we mean. You choose how you creator your PHP Page and what functionalities your audience has.

  • Add only data entry page
    If you what to get feedback or have a page where data is entered, Here it is... Click Submit and the data is in your database. You may want to have another page somewhere else so that you can view and edit this info as you see fit. Just create another page pointing to the same database table but with different options.
  • There is More...
    Each of these functions are crucial in your users experience in viewing and using your PHP pages. You can enable or Template each one the choice lays in your own hands.
  1. Sorting - By enabling this function you give control over the order of each column. Click once on the column name and all rows are in ascending order. Click again and they are in descending order.
  2. Advanced Searching - By clicking this button you are taken to another pages where you may click next to the names of each column. Then type in your search phrase and click submit. Only the selected columns are searched for your phrase. You have complete control of which columns you sort on. Usually you are given a much less search capabilities but with PHP Generator you have a true advanced search.
  3. Empty Column Checking - There are times when you need to have data in a certain column and it cannot be empty. Well we have a solution for you. If the column is empty when submit is pressed an alert box will show up letting your audience know that this is not an optional field. When the box is closed focus goes to the field that must not be empty for correction.
  4. Insert Duplicate Data - Usually you do not want your database to hold duplicate data but there are instances when this may be desirable. We give you the option to insert duplicates in your database if you like. You make your data-driven page do exactly what you want it to do.

So what are you waiting for? Get you data online today. Click Here to get started right now.

  • Direct or ODBC Data Connections Many PHP Generators only give you the option to use Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) connections. We not only give you this option but we give you the ability to use direct connections to your database but we go one step further as well giving you the option to create a separate connection file that will be included in your PHP page.
  • Paging of Long Data
    PHP Generator will let you have as many rows on a page as you like. You can have 10 or 100 on one page. This allows you to have as much or as little data as your readers or database can handle. To select the page you want simply click on the number of that page, next or previous. Some data-driven generator software will place all your data on one page. When your page loads it will just sit there and finally time-out but not with PHP Generator.

Complete Column Flexibility.

  • You easily select the table you desire from a drop-down list and you then have the option to rename each field name to a user-friendlier name that shows at the top of your column. If you do not what a column from your database to show you simply uncheck it. When you click Create you will be given the option to order these same columns in the order that you pick.

    • Field Inclusion or Exclusion
    • Field Renaming
    • Column Ordering
    • Column Sorting

    PHP Page Generator Team,

    Unbelievable!, that's all that I can say. First of all it took only about 5 minutes to compile my database information into the PHP page, I didn't think it would be so simple.

    But what really blew me away was when I asked you for suggestions about linking pages within my PHP page. You got back to me in less than ten minutes, asked me to send you my files, and then you actually linked them together for me. Totally unbelievable!

    If there was a standard of what a webmasters should be, you would be the example. Thanks for all of your help and feel free to use my email address if ANYONE wants to know how I feel about your service.

    Josh Granger

Exclusive HTML Web Templates! Use any HTML Template to customize your database-driven web site to meet your customer's needs!

PHP Generator can now place its code directly in any HTML Template. This feature will allow you to realize data on your web site to its fullest potential.

Here are screen shots of what you will see:

Database-Driven page with Template:

HTML Templates add to the look and feel of your application.
See the sample template to view your data in.

Click Here To See Sample

PHP Generator: Easy to use interface with all the features you would expect. Click Here To See Sample

PHP Generator Wizard: Now you will be guided step-by-step through each section. Click Here To See Sample

Database-Driven web page: Data can now be viewed and edited from any browser. Click Here To See Sample

Purchase today and you will receive this for free!
Click Here To See a Sample

You can now tailor website creation according to your customers. They will be able to add to, edit and view your data in a site that looks like a million bucks.

This feature is only available in PHP Generator. You can't find this anywhere else on the net. Take advantage of this new technology. Click here to start creating you site.

You have asked for it and PHP Generator finally has it!


You can now use your favorite Templates for your data-driven site!

Give your audience the "look and feel" they
expect in a professional data-driven website!

I have heard numerous horror stories about how long PHP pages have taken to program and how they did not quite look they way they were imagined. Some have gone so far as to abandon their whole site after many hard hours of frustrating work!

You would not believe how many people have requested the ability to "use their own templates" to generate PHP pages the way they want and to be in control with minimal effort. I for one, can certainly understand why. You will too if you have used another PHP generator and then had to cut and paste into your HTML code for hours on end.

Have you ever had someone wonder why things are taking so long or ask why things do not look they way they want, but yet they still what to have a professional data-driven website in half the time and for half the cost.

It doesn't seem fair does it?

You now have an option.

We have setup PHP Generator to give you the option of having each web page generated for you in a fraction of the time and with a template that has been approved before data capabilities are even added to it.

Here is how it works...

1) Import you favorite Template including images and include files into PHP Generator.

2) Next click the edit button and be guided through adding a simple tag then view your template in the built-in browser.

3) Once you do this, you can use your template over and over again to create you PHP page.

4) If you need to redo the page, you simply make your changes, press go and view your new page. No need to hassle with cutting and pasting PHP and HTML codes until you are blue in the face.

PHP Generator Today...
You also will receive HTML Web Templates FREE!

You will also receive many and various HTML Templates FREE as part of our package. These templates alone are worth the whole package.

HTML Templates will give you the ability to dazzle your customers and prospects with speed, beauty and the functionality of dynamic database-driven PHP pages with all the information at their fingertips. You will have complete control over what you create for them and do it in half the time.

PHP scripts

For example, your customers could place "Their seal of approval...." on the look and feel of the website template. You can then place their data within their page and have time left to do your own site before dinnertime.

Click Here To See Sample


You decide what will work for you.

You can use an UNLIMITED NUMBER OF TEMPLATES . The process works the same way every time. Your or your user can change their mind and you are back in business with ONE CLICK!

It doesn't matter if you have 1 template or 5000, the PHP Generator will work the same and do it in a matter of minutes!


Product Performance Guarantee

PHP scripts

If for any reason in the next 30 days, you don't agree this incredible package is worth every penny, just contact us and let us know show us you've deleted the product and are not using it anywhere in any way, and we'll cheerfully send you instructions on how to get a refund for your entire purchase amount.

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. CLICK HERE NOW TO ORDER

Let's recap what you will receive when you
order PHP Generator today...

PHP scripts                                PHP scripts

  • Ability To Create An Unlimited Number of PHP pages
  • Unlimited web Template Creation
  • Unlimited Dynamic Database-Driven Website Features
  • PHP Generator HTML Web Templates Lifetime Product Updates
  • Free Customer Service Tech Support

    There is PHP Generator software with less features selling on the Internet for up to $197 without the HTML Web Template Creation feature. I could certainly charge this price without one bit of guilt on my part.

    I am not going to charge you $197 for this product although it is certainly worth it. I have made up my mind to release the software for only $147.

    For the next 24 hours until Midnight, ,
    YOU will get PHP Generator for

    ONLY $97.00!

    This is a limited time offer and may change at any time . Save $50 by simply making the best business decision of your design and programming career. Order PHP Generator NOW!

    It all comes down to knowing what you need and getting it.

    Chances are you have been looking at other PHP Generator software and doing your shopping and making your product comparisons. As you may have noticed, we too know what else is on the market and the features it can do.

    We have based PHP Generator on rock-solid technology that will perform for you now and into the future. Click Below To Order Today!

    We stand behind our software with our CUSTOMER SERVICE STAFF to aid and assist you throughout the whole process.

    PHP scripts
    Compatible with Windows XP

    Order now over our secure order form!

    PHP scripts

    Don't delay. This price is for a limited time only!
    You will download PHP Generator in the next 5 minutes.

  • Best of Success!

    PHP Page Generator Team

    P.S. - Remember, our supply of the free bonuses is limited. I can only guarantee you'll receive them if you order right away. So don't delay. Act now while it's fresh on your mind.

    P.P.S. - Just a reminder that I mean what I say about my 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not happy for any reason, contact me for a full refund.


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